Waterproof Tube Container


It is a hollow cylinder, it is made of plastic or metal (aluminum, stainless steel). Outside of the usual coated with colored paint. The lid of the tube container is designed so that when closed form a sealed compartment for air and water does not spill inside. That helps preserve the items inside are not wet, and not exposed to the external environment. Especially useful when you need to preserve a little of the requisites is not broken when it comes to picnic, play or swim.


- Store the drug to patients who carry a precaution the emergency. Hazardous to the health of patients
- Store liquid, chemical (Use plastic tube) for laboratory.
- Keep your personal items safe and dry. Vault, cosmetics, matches, keys, medicines, paper and more.
- Make beautiful decorations mounted keys, attached to the bag
- Great for the beach, on a boat, camping, fishing, hunting, recreation centers, swimming etc. And perfect for emergency kits you.

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